mobile ECM solutions as the catalyst for future growth and profitability

The increasingly competitive and heavily regulated environment of oil & gas companies, create serious challenges in managing offshore and onshore operations. Instant access to corporate information is vital for the decision-making process and the efficient leveraging of people and assets across the globe.

There’s a demand for effective enterprise mobility solutions among energy companies - a demand that's shifting from stand-alone mobile solutions to mobile solutions integrated into industry-specific enterprise systems.

The Benefits of Mobility for Energy Companies

In a sector with high maintenance costs and regulatory mandates, ECM mobility solutions can prove useful in virtually every part of an organisation’s value chain. The core benefits of adopting mobile ECM solutions include:

  • Reduce time by speeding up data capture during repetitive or time-consuming activities such as inspections and repairs
  • Facilitate the flow of information by extending the use of corporate information to workers where they need it and helping them capture data as they work
  • Improved customer service by providing sales executives with up-to-date information on customers, products, order statuses
  • Improved flexibility and operational efficiency
  • Increased access to real-time information
  • Allows anytime, anywhere access to information
  • Enables employees to review and electronically sign documentation on the go

SeeCM is a Powerful Mobile App for Energy Companies

SeeCM’s mobile ECM environment provides regulated organisations with the flexibility to create, locate, view and transact information using a standard app, or deploy purpose built apps tailored to specific business needs. Read the product overview to find out more.

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SeeCM for Energy Companies

SeeCM is an ECM mobility solution specifically designed to meet the needs of companies within the energy industry. It's the only mobile ECM solution that focusses on regulated industries, providing access to Electronic Signature (eSign) workflows, case files, offline editing of content, easy capture and upload of images, and other more specialised capabilities. Its out out-of-the box deployment option and standard iOS style user interface ensure quick and easy adoption for all Content Server and SAP Extended ECM users.

Here are some of the key benefits of SeeCM:

  • Native iOS application with unparalleled user-experience;
  • Offline access to enterprise content
  • Ability to edit and annotate content in offline mode;
  • Industry standard encryption with multi-factor authentication;
  • Supports OTDS and eSign functionality;
  • Workflows segmentation capabilities & much more.
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