ECM Mobility for Financial Services

The global reach of financial institutions calls for adoption of a mobile business model. The introduction of mobile devices into the financial sector is benefiting all parties involved - employees, customers and organisations. With the newly enabled flexibility, the financial workforce is now able to access and process business content while on the go.

Explore the benefits of mobility solutions for financial organisations and what our ECM application has to offer.

SeeCM in Financial Services

ECM Mobility for Life Sciences

Enterprise mobility solutions present new opportunities for pharmaceutical organisations to improve operational efficiencies, achieve competitive advantage and drive sales efficiency and employee productivity. The widespread adoption of mobility within the research and development process, enables an effective reporting on adverse events during clinical trials.

Find out how SeeCM can improve the processes within pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations.

SeeCM in Life Sciences

ECM Mobility for the Energy Sector

In an industry where globally dispersed workforce and stakeholders are the norm, enterprise mobility solutions are becoming vitally important.  An industry-specific ECM application has the capabilities of improving on aspects such as workforce management and field-workers enablement, inspections, assessments, material and fuel management and much more.

Find out how SeeCM meets the enterprise mobility priorities of the energy sector.

SeeCM in the Energy Sector

Content security at the forefront

SeeCM is built around a highly secure infrastructure designed to protect your business information in transit and on the device. Trusted by financial institutions, SeeCM ensures that your corporate data remains safe wherever a user’s iPad or iPhone might end up.

An unparalleled user experience

SeeCM delivers an amazing, modern mobile interface to your Content Server information. Its intuitive controls and clean, uncluttered information panels guide you through common activities, allowing you to quickly locate vital information and perform the tasks you need.

Reaching across your enterprise

SeeCM Enterprise allows you to communicate and interact with your OpenText Content Server data like no other app. View and update SAP Extended ECM (xECM) information, transact eSign workflows, and edit content with ease directly from your mobile device.