SeeCM is built around a highly secure infrastructure designed to protect your business information. Trusted by financial institutions, our ECM application ensures that corporate data remains safe wherever a user’s iPad or iPhone might end up.

Optional multi-factor authentication ensures that only trusted users are able to access your Content Server environment, whilst filesystem encryption protects information that has already been downloaded to your device. SeeCM also supports the OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) authentication service for more convenient user access management.

Browse and Search

SeeCM enables users to access reports, presentations, spreadsheets and any other type of corporate content within the tap of a finger. You can search, find and read the most up-to-date version of your business documents whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road. The newest versions of the content assets are automatically synchronised upon connecting to the Internet, even if you’ve made changes in an offline mode.

Content Server Project and Case Workspaces

Access content in Project and Case workspaces, experiencing same document management functionality and content structure as with web user interface.

User permissions will based on Project and Case roles and if required administrators are able to limit the permissions to specific objects when accessed though a mobile device. For example mobile access to project profitability calculations could be restricted.

SeeCM Product Overview

Download the SeeCM datasheet to learn how SeeCM’s highly secure environment provides organisations with the flexibility to create, locate, view and transact information using a standard app, or deploy purpose built apps tailored to specific business needs.

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Offline Access to Enterprise Content

Field workers located on construction sites such as offshore rigs have no mobile data coverage. Typically ECM applications enable downloading of certain content assets for offline use, but with SeeCM there’s an additional functionality - offline access to corporate content.

With SeeCM you can mark numerous content assets for offline use , edit, annotate and extend the documents within a secure application container in offline mode. All the changes will be synchronised to the corporate Content Server once the device is back online. The application will notify the user for the newest version of the original document and will offer to merge the changes or save as a new document.

Capture Images Whilst On-Site

Industries such as the energy sector, require field workers and engineers to obtain photographic evidence from the field in order to document damages or accidents or to close a stage in the project and complete the construction documentation.

SeeCM enables workers to take photos with an iPad’s camera and store them to specific case or project workspace. If working online, the photo will be uploaded immediately and when in offline mode the synchronisation will happen upon getting back online.

Our ECM application allows you to annotate and comment on photos, as well as including the coordinates of the place the photo was taken. That information will be stored as metadata automatically and will provide great value for other employees involved in collaborative processes such as project closure or damage elimination.

Electronic Signatures Support

Regulated industries heavily rely on Content Server workflow functionalities – documents are released through workflows and electronically signed with the Content Server’s eSign functionality.

SeeCM adapted that experience for mobility. Our ECM application supports eSign module for users to sign off their tasks or documents. Similar as to web interface functionality, SeeCM also requires to provide user’s eSign password or pin code when releasing the assignment for authentication. All the document rendering and signature processing happens on the server side.

SeeCM In Action

SeeCM is about the experience and not just its amazing functionality. Watch our videos and see how SeeCM could be helping your organisation to be more productive.

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Optimised Workflow & Task Management

Make decisions on the go. Complete workflow steps, view task assignment details and update task statuses all whilst mobile. With SeeCM you can initiate Content Server Workflows, view workflow attachments and manage your assignments. Everything from vacation and business trip requests, document approvals such as invoices to formal decision approvals.

For users that process dozens of workflow assignments every day Content Server’s web interface can be time consuming requiring many clicks for the completion of a single action. SeeCM's bulk approval functionality groups similar types of workflows together and allows workflow users to select multiple assignments and complete them with one single click.

Forms, Categories and Attributes

Never go uninformed… SeeCM provides an integrated view of content and data from both Content Server and OpenText Extended ECM for SAP (xECM) making sure that you always have the full picture.

Through mappings configured behind the scenes, you can display any attribute data and enable users to edit the fields and write back the information to WebReports, optimised forms and categories. Thus users are now able to maintain same level of productivity while working on their workflow assignments from a mobile device, as they do when accessing them via the Content Server web interface in the office.

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