With Greater Mobility Comes Greater Security Risks. Are You and Your Company Ready?

Mobility has been a great enabler for businesses of all sizes so it's not surprising that company after company is attempting to bring added flexibility to their business. The benefits in terms of productivity and employee morale are plentiful, but in order to embrace mobility safely, security protocols must be implemented first.

Fortunately, the knowledge required to prevent security breaches from occurring is out there, if businesses are willing to seek it out. The first step on the road to mobile security is a change of culture. For many employees, there is a feeling that...

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ECM Mobility Solutions Can Shorten Clinical Trials & Enhance The Work of Life Science Companies

Life sciences organisations all face similar challenges - from regulatory approval pressures, declining healthcare spending to and complex supply chains. Companies operating within the life sciences sector can take advantage of today's ECM mobility applications designed to promote communications and interactions throughout the value chain and thus respond to the many challenges faced by the organisation. Mobility solutions can promote real-time interactivity and enable a more accurate decision making to compress the value chain and improve the quality of care.

ECM mobility solutions have the potential to enable physicians and patients to become more mobile in their day-to-day...

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How ECM Mobility Solves Energy Industry Challenges

The energy sector is  an increasingly competitive and heavily regulated industry. The management of both offshore and onshore operations creates challenges for oil and gas organisations around the globe. The access and management of up-to the-minute information and resources has become vital. Without it, companies are unable to leverage their people and assets as efficiently as they should. 

This inefficiency has a negative impact on employee productivity and undermines the effectiveness of the work environment, health, and safety (EH&S) procedures.

The question remains: how can professionals in these organisations access information when and where it is...

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SeeCM’s 2015 Spring Updates: Offline Capabilities, eSign Functionality & More


For the past quarter the team behind SeeCM has been working on developing new features to help meet the needs of organisations throughout several major regulated industries.

Based on our prior success with several European financial organisations, we decided to move forward with our ECM mobile application and incorporate new functions to help organisations further streamline their processes, save on operational costs and improve employees productivity. 

For the past several months SeeCM’s...

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4 Mistakes You Are Likely to Make with Enterprise Mobility



According to Ovum, mobility will be one of the highest priorities for CIOs during the course of this year. The widespread adoption of mobility within the workplace is pushing forward employees productivity and opens the door for new business enablement opportunities. But at the...

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